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New edition of 'Portugal The Simple Magazine' features Portugal Accounting

We are thrilled to announce that the latest edition of Portugal The Simple Magazine is here! This free publication offers an insider's perspective into the Portuguese lifestyle, culture, and key financial aspects impacting expats and locals alike.

This edition is particularly special as it features an insightful article by our Senior Accountant, Sofia Cardoso, on a topic of significant importance: inheritance and taxes in Portugal.

Portugal The Simple Life Magazine - 2023 edition

Sofia, with her extensive knowledge and experience, delves into the complexities of inheritance laws and tax implications in Portugal. Her article provides valuable information for anyone navigating these often intricate matters.

Whether you are living in Portugal, planning to move here, or have assets in our beautiful country, Sofia's article offers clarity and guidance to help you understand the legal and financial landscape.

About Portugal The Simple Magazine

Portugal The Simple Magazine is a trusted source for those looking to embrace the Portuguese way of life, and this edition continues that tradition.

Proudly sponsored by Leisure Launch Group companies, this new edition is jam-packed with insider tips for living and buying property in Portugal, plus loads of information about our beloved region, the Silver Coast.

Portugal The Simple Life Magazine - dossier about the Silver Coast

This new edition is now now available in three languages: English, Dutch, and French, making it accessible to a wider audience.

To grab your FREE COPY, simply visit 👉 Portugal The Simple Life Magazine or stop by our office on Portugal's Silver Coast!

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