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Portugal Accounting featured on Portugal The Simple Life Magazine

See our latest article about “Incentives for buying a property in Portugal”, namely the NHR and Golden Visa programmes aimed at foreign investors...

At the beginning of this year, Portugal Accounting joined a network of Portuguese companies on the Silver Coast that have brought together decades of expertise and market knowledge to deliver value to anyone interested in living, visiting or investing in Portugal.

Amongst the projects developed, in July the magazine Portugal The Simple Life was launched, featuring an article by Portugal Accounting on “Incentives for buying a property in Portugal”.

In this article, I had the privilege of presenting the benefits of two different programmes, created to attract foreign investment in Portugal:

  • the Golden Visa residence programme;

  • and the NHR - Non-habitual Residents Tax Incentive Programme.

To read this article, you can download your free edition of Portugal The Simple Life Magazine on the following link:

Portugal The Simple Life is also available on other platforms, such as:


See our participation on the PODCAST - Tax Benefits in Portugal


We hope that these platforms are useful to you!

If you’d like to know more about this project or contact us regarding any information about accounting in Portugal, please get in touch!


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