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Did you know you can pay your taxes in Portugal in instalments?

Do you have an IRS collection notice to pay and cannot afford to do so? Before being subject to execution proceedings, you can request to pay your IRS tax in Portugal in up to 36 monthly instalments.

This request must be made:

  • Within 15 days of the payment deadline on the collection note;

  • Through the Finance Portal (, via Cidadãos ou Empresas > Serviços > Planos prestacionais> Simular /Registar Pedido (Citizens or Businesses > Services > Installment plans > Simulate /Register Request);

  • Also, be aware that the number of instalments allowed cannot result in a monthly payment of less than €25.50.

A guarantee is dispensed for requests in which:

  • The amount owed is equal to or less than €5,000 for individual taxpayers, or €10,000 for companies;

  • Or the number of instalments requested is equal to or less than 12.

If you missed the deadline to request payment in instalments, you may still benefit from an unofficial payment plan created by the AT (Portuguese Tax Authority). In this case, the debt must still be in the voluntary collection phase and its value equal to or less than €5,000 for individual taxpayers, or €10,000 for companies.

Payment in instalments prior to enforcement proceedings is also possible for the following taxes in Portugal:

  • IRC - Corporate income tax;

  • IUC - Vehicle circulation tax, which is mandatory for anyone who owns a vehicle in Portugal;

  • IVA - Value Added Tax;

  • and IMT - Municipal property transfer tax.

If you have any questions regarding paying your taxes in Portugal, please contact your account manager at Portugal Accounting and we will be happy to help you!


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