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AL Licensing in Portugal is mandatory for all holiday home rentals

Obtaining a Portuguese touristic rental license is not only easy, it’s inexpensive and quite fast. Why risk fines?

Although traditional property rentals and AL - Local Accommodation are similar activities, in Portugal they are legally distinct and have their own laws and regulations.

The main difference between the two regimes is that while in traditional property rentals there is a mere rental of real estate (which can be temporary and even have a tourist-related purpose), in the case of AL - Local Accommodation there are specific rules and a provision of services that are similar to the activity of a hotel.

AL - Local Accommodation properties must be furnished, equipped and complementary services such as cleaning and reception are offered for a maximum period of 30 days. It is also mandatory to advertise the property for tourism purposes or as temporary accommodation.

All properties that are not part of tourist complexes and are rented for holidays, are required by Portuguese law to obtain a Portuguese touristic rental license, knowns as an AL Licence (Licenca de Alojamento Local).

Short term electronic rental platforms, such as Airbnb, HomeAway or will not be able to rent properties that are not registered in the National Tourism Register.

The aim of this measure is to combat illegalities, since the number of properties that appear advertised on these platforms is higher than the number of those listed in the National Local Accommodation Register (RNAL - Registo Nacional do Alojamento Local).


If you do not have an AL Licence and rent your holiday home in Portugal, directly or indirectly, even through websites outside of Portugal, you are at risk of being fined by Portuguese authorities.


Some home owners may think that obtaining an AL Licence in Portugal is a complex, costly and time consuming process. However, with the services of Portugal Accounting we guarantee that the process is simple, inexpensive and quite fast, usually taking between 3 to 4 weeks to complete.


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